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Torino Outlet Village

Hotel Torino Outlet Village

Torino Outlet Village propose 80 magasins d’habillement, accessoires et chaussures, articles ménagers, articles pour le sport et produits de soins personnels des meilleures marques italiennes et internationales, avec des réductions jusqu’à 70% toute l’année. Ouvert 363 jours par an, il offre un environnement élégant et accueillant pour passer une journée de shopping agréable, grâce aussi à son restaurant haut de gamme et à ses services aux familles.

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Castello Ducale di Agliè

Castello Ducale di Agliè, a 23 km

Surrounded by a park with old trees and large greenhouses, the castle has more than 300 rooms with a wealth of furnishings and valuable collections and heterogeneous. Since 1997 the castle belongs to the UNESCO World Heritage List. A long history of seven centuries, which saw the passage of dukes, princes and kings: the Castle of Agliè, boasts an ancient and noble past, witnessed by the variety of arrangements that still characterize apartments and gardens. A wealth of furnishings and valuable collections and diverse, ranging from paintings to archaeological finds, to the surprising ornithological and oriental collections. The frescoed the ballroom and the succession of perfectly preserved period rooms make the castle a triumph of elegance and splendor. (http:/ /
Reggia di Venaria Reale Canavese Torino

Reggia di Venaria Reale e Parco La Mandria, a 18 km

La Venaria Reale , huge complex on the outskirts of Turin with 80,000 square meters of the monumental building of the Palace and Gardens of 60 hectares , adjacent to the seventeenth-century heritage historical center of Venaria and 3,000 hectares of fenced park of the Herd is an ' architectural masterpiece and landscape , declared a World Heritage World Heritage Site by UNESCO in 1997 and opened to the public in 2007 after being the site of the most important in Europe for cultural heritage restoration. The monumental building , boasts some of the highest expressions of universal Baroque, which together with the immense complex of the Juvarra Stables , the spectacular Fountain of the Deer in the Court of Honor are the ideal setting of the Theatre of History and Magnificence, the exhibition dedicated the Savoy that accompanies the visitor along nearly 2,000 meters, including the basement and the main floor of the Palace . Trade shows, exhibitions, activities, throughout the year. (
Juvents Stadium

Juvents Stadium, a soli 15 km

First Italian football structure without architectural barriers , the first eco-friendly plant in the world , one of the three Italian stadiums ( along with fellow Olympic , and another Olimpico in Rome ) to fall into the category 4 UEFA , the one with most technical level , as well as the ' unique properties of a club in which they are carried out regularly to meetings of Serie A.
Considered among the most advanced systems in the world , as well as one of the architectural symbols of contemporary Turin , it includes inside the J -Museum , the first museum of official football team Juventus and home to cycles of meetings with personalities from the world of culture , entertainment and sport, or the setting up of temporary art exhibitions .
 Over an area of 34 000 m² was built shopping center called Area12 ( in honor of the fans , the twelfth man on the field ) , a shopping arcade with 60 shops.

Castello di Mazzè Canavese Torino

Castello di Mazzè, a 24 km

Currently the museum is considered residence.
Where are newly revived inside frescoes and sometimes admired in all their splendor . It also houses the museum of eighteenth-century carriages .
Very impressive are the rooms of the Castle where still lurk myths and legends of the past , in a warm and unique atmosphere. built on the ruins of an ancient Roman fortress , it has undergone changes and additions over the centuries , the most significant of which were made in the nineteenth century by the architect . Three routes : Great Castle , Underground Museum of Torture, Oasi del Bosco Park .

Abbazia di Fruttuaria San Benigno Canavese

Abbazia di Fruttuaria, San Benigno Canavese, a 4 km

March 19, 1990, the abbey of Fruttuaria is reopened to the faithful in the presence of Pope John Paul II that concelebrating the Mass live on national television . The abbey was founded by William Volpiano : the laying of the foundation stone of the abbey occurred February 23, 1003 with the consecration of the Bishop of Ivrea , Ottobiano and the presence of Marquis Arduino of Ivrea and King of Italy and his wife Bertha . In 1710 Victor Amadeus II , Duke of Savoy , militarily occupies the " abbey lands ' occupation ending in 1741 with the papal renunciation of control over those lands . The new building ( designed by architects Vittone and Quarini ) is in a riding style between the baroque and neo-classical and reminds the internal structure of St. Peter's Basilica in the Vatican.
Galleria Locomozione Storica Rivarolo Canavese

Galleria Locomozione Storica, Rivarolo Canavese, a 19 km

It exposes cars , motorcycles , scooters and historical bicycles .

This gallery was one of the first projects at the national level of collaboration between private collectors of historic vehicles of various kinds , and public administration .

Inside the museum it is also a historical exhibition dedicated to Italian and , in particular car , a tribute to the 50th anniversary of the Fiat Cinquecento.

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Lago di Candia Canavese e Parco Naturale, a 23 km

Surrounded by moraine hills on which the ancient towns of Candia Canavese , Vische and Mazzé Lake Candia shows streaked with many colors that change at the turn of the seasons . Be guided by the song of wetland birds and the scent of water lilies in bloom : discover one of the most valuable wetlands in Piedmont and perhaps Italy.

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Il Parco La Mandria Canavese

Il Parco La Mandria a 18 km

The Park The Herd was established in 1978 to protect 3,600 hectares of land that the Savoy had enclosed within a boundary wall about 35 km, along with the historic buildings present in it . ; It is the largest historical park enclosed by walls of Italy ( the second in Europe ).
Is home to one of the Savoy residences, the Royal Apartments of Borgo Castello , declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site. The Herd also boasts a considerable historic and architectural heritage consists of over 20 listed buildings , including many old farmsteads , the remains of a medieval shelter , two hunting lodges (Bizzarria and the Villa dei Laghi ) and the Cascina Rubbianetta.
The park is a huge nature reserve , the only place where you can enjoy and experience situations have become rare experiences or completely new.

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Basilica di Superga, a 23 km

It was founded at the behest of the Duke Vittorio Amedeo II, following a vow made to Our Lady of Grace in 1706, during the siege of the Franco-Spanish in Piedmont. The construction of the Basilica was made by Filippo Juvarra. The baroque complex, opened in 1731, is 75 meters long and 51 is located 672 meters above sea level. Its interior is enriched by six chapels and four altars, over the High Altar, with statues and marble monuments of Carrara. Of particular interest are the several altar paintings and dome, inspired by the Roman works of Francesco Borromini. In the Chapel of the Vow, inside the Basilica, it is preserved the wooden statue of the Madonna delle Grazie of the seventeenth century, the same who turned Vittorio Amedeo II to win the battle. To visit the crypt, which houses the artistic treasure of the Royal Tombs of Savoy, and the 'royal apartment. Also, do not miss the climb to the dome: a spiral staircase of 131 steps leads to the outer balcony of the dome, from where you can look and admire the view of the city with its valleys and mountains. In particular, on clear days, you notice some of the major mountains of the chain of the Alps, such as the Monte Viso, the dell'Orsiera Group, Rocciamelone, Gran Paradiso, the Group of the Apostles, the Tower of Lavina, and Monte Rosa the tip Doufour.